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August 10, 2014

Who wants to see me ranting on this ASSHOLE HERE?! Re: TBONE2004's Commentary on Some Drama Queen's Nervous Breakdown

You Tube commentators.. oh how much I despise them.. Like, they have nothing better to do but to rant on some people who don't know how to use the internet properly or are newbies. Minority of the commentators make sense since they are mostly ranting on certain individuals who rant about those who break the rules of the internet and/or are acting like a pile of douchebags.. But the majority of them.. Are worms.. and here's why.

This guy right here.. basically got me to the point I want to go to him and bitch slap the fuck right out of him until his head spins 720 degrees. Literally.. This guy, literally, without ANY REMORSE, had bullshitted on the poor girl all because of a plush collection. Okay. WHY?! The girl is LITERALLY crying for being bullied on the internet, and he is just sitting there behind the screen, making fun of her, all because of her plush collection. If you have ANY idea how serious cyber bullying is, you literally encouraged them to do so. Literally. You, at one point, see her crying, and this asshole there, basically makes fun of her for being cyber bullied..
Y'know what? I'll let Lucario Link explain this.

*slaps the comment here*

You know what? The commentating community is a can of worms to YouTube and over the internet in general! It created a bunch of ignorant, arrogant, moronic, clueless douchebags with these concepts acting and thinking that being a asshat to people for no reason is okay!

And this is a prime example! The community of a bunch of chodes thinking that they're so smart, funny and hardcore at what they do when really, they're the exact opposite!

This Webkinz girl only made plush videos and people were threatening her, that's not fucking trolling, if you threaten to kill somebody's family and those other stuff she brought up, then THAT is fucking Cyberbullying! (Which you'll deny cause you retarded commentators are just so strict to your ignorance.)

Seriously, I am so fucking tired of brainwashed idiots over the internet acting like people like this have their rights to be retards and the people they oppose to need to be told to "Shat da fuq app n deal with It u autistic butthert fayggit!" Its ridiculous! Fuck YouTube and fuck the commentating community!

Also, at 7:44 I almost had little faith with you people until you said this after! 8:15 seriously, that's not white knighting that's what she was supposed to be told cause yeah she did need to calm herself! But with this "U bwawt it on urself ya byatch!" Like wtf did she ever do to deserve it?! Oh reacting to these CYBERBULLIES? (Again, trolls don't threaten they just act mean, tough and idiotic for attention! she was being THREATENED for fuck sakes!) Oh noes that's such a bad thing god help us all!

People are so stupid and ignorant these days! Go ahead and white knight your precious little commentating fantasy world like you fuckers always do and go ahead and call me an autistic butthurt faggot to make yourselves look cool, I'll just further prove how sad  and pathetic you idiots are! I'll be waiting for a reply like that!

This guy right here.. or girl, basically proved A MAJOR point in this.. I am really ashamed of the commentators nowadays because this poor girl had been cyberbullied for her collection of plushes, and here you are, making fun of her, encouraging more and more people to cyberbully her to the point of suicide. I mean, come the fuck on, you fucking realize how much they are worth in dollars? You do the fucking math, her collection is probably worth over 2500 dollars. Probably even more, because come the fuck on people. 

It's not the first and the last time people will get cyberbullied over the internet and commit suicide afterwards, because "Hey, if you commit suicide because you got cyberbullied, it means that you're gay, a coward, and people will not give you a chance even after your demise"

Pitiful.. Just.. pitiful.. *shaking head* I am not saying you should be ashamed of yourself, but seriously. This girl ain't ripping off Chris FUCKING Crocker, the girl suffered a mental breakdown because, by my statement, she may have depression, and the cause is you assholes, cyberbullying her, all for a stupid plush collection. 

Please, do me a favor and get a fucking life. 


July 25, 2014

Let's Defend: Is Mario a hero, a villain, an anti hero? What?! (this will be so controversial)

Hey guys, creepypastaamateur here or Sawgirl2, how ever you want to call me, call me Amu. So, what is going on in this entry you ask? Why does it say "Let's Defend"? Because this shit ass cock sucker here *pointing at myself* will definitely be the one to prove you wrong, and I am gonna give out MY OWN OPINIONS ON MARIO!

But first, a bit of a backstory of myself:

When I was a kid, I couldn't afford those fancy shamcy thingamabobs such as nes and sega genesis, because they were expensive (and still are), and the only way to play something is through my computer, via disc. So, what was the first game I played? Hercules, I was 3 years old, didn't speak until then, and I would basically rummage through levels like a boss. I was a born gamer//slapped
But when did I heard of Mario? Well, I heard of him when I was about 5-7 years old, at the time of the whole NATO bombardment happened in 1999. Let's say that I surpassed everything but never forgot how scarring it was to see your own country being bombarded by NATO... And to see planes flying in to save the day.. But to cut the story short, when I first played Mario, I couldn't even pass level one. haha I know, it was embarrassing. Don't mind me, I still played SOME GAMES RELATED TO MARIO. But to cut the backstory short, I played it, liked it, and okay.. tho I didn't consider him a hero or anything because.. idk.. I didn't play much of it, so.. yea

so, don't mind me if this is extremely long, and remember. this is based on MY OWN OPINIONS, not so I can prove you wrong, (it is) but to fill the holes in YOUR OPINIONS THAT YOU HAVE MADE.
So, let's make it more interesting. for every opinion that is mentioned in this blog, at the end of the very sentence, I will put a random name on "Counter Opinion Name", with an explanation on why. c:

Let's get started.

Number one. Um.. *checks the list* wow.. alright I'll start with the whole Yoshi bashing thingie.. and leaving it to it's death..

In Super Mario World, after obtaining the Yoshi egg, and when it hatches into a Yoshi, you can ride it. And it got people questioning gaming developer's logic, when they thought that Mario was punching Yoshi... *speaking in reverse* Can you guys get more specific than that? No wonder PETA targeted Mario.. because of the.. animal suit.. ugh.. just... back to topic. Let me ask you this. Can you actually SEE HIS PIXELATED FINGERS?! No. You cannot. He doesn't even have pixelated fingers. Only those... ball hands.. So what could he be ACTUALLY doing? He's ATTEMPTING TO POINT OUT WITHOUT SLAPPING YOSHI, GIVING HIM THE SIGNAL TO POINT IT'S TONGUE OUT! And no, your argument about Mario being a baby in Yoshi game is invalid. IT'S A FREAKING BABY! Babies are not self aware until they grow up a bit, so they need to learn. Jesus, you blame them for attacking dinos when they were babies, are you mental, or do I need to call the authorities to report you for abusing your own child? I'd dare you to see that so I can send Kitty at your ass! Anyways, then we have Mario "letting go of Yoshi" to fall. Remember the whole "it's the player's choice"? Of course you don't. But anyways, it's not JUST the player's choice, it's also Yoshi's choice. How can one person reach a higher place without abandoning Yoshi? Ever heard of "sacrifices must be made"? NO? THEN GET BACK TO SCHOOL YA PIECE OF FUCKING SHIT! (this is an obvious rant so expect cusses and name callings) Yoshi sacrifices himself for Mario so he can move on forward. Isn't that the point of it all? Jesus Christ. Counter Opinion Name: Sacrifice - learning to sacrifice things in order to survive and move on.

Number two. Mario.. attacking.. um.. what?

In one said game, there is this mechanic what I like to call "bouncy bouncy npc's", in which the player can bounce on the other characters in order to assist them to reach higher places. Well, you guys thought that he was attacking them. Nope, not really.. Imagine the scenario in real life where you try your best to assist the other to reach higher places, like.. you want to get a cookie, but you can't reach it on your own because you are small. You have another kid beside you, preferably brother or sister, you ask them to help you, in return, they get a fair share of it. This is team work. Working together as one to reach the goal is a fair thing correct? Yes. Counter Opinion Name: Team Work - Working as one in order to reach the destined goal and make it to the end.

Number three.. Mario having girlfriends..
Yea yea, I know, Princess Peach gives Mario a kiss on his big ass nose, ya ya ya, and other princesses be all jelleh. Alright, let's cap this up. You guys think that he can have as much girlfriends as he wants to right? There is this thing called "slut shaming". IT COUNTS FOR GUYS TOO! HOWEVER, let's do something fun, by pointing out something or some things.

Pauleen.. or Paula.. I'll call her Paula. Now remember this is my 2 cents on this, so cope with me. This Paula girl who appears in a said game, um.. Donkey Kong? I remember playing that game, but I never beat it.. it's too hard for meh. However, him saving Paula is like saving a hooker from Jack the Ripper without getting a scratch on yourself. Get it? Never mind. Anyways, with that said, let's say that there's this.. Abusive relationship going on between the two. Beside her looking very lustful- *screams* BABYLONIAN WHORE! BABYLONIAN WHORE! BURN HER! ... sorry bout that.. couldn't resist. But anyways, to her, Mario is nothing more but an object, a mere figment, a money maker in which she STEALS FROM HIM so she can buy what ever she wants. That is why he left her, because she doesn't love him for him, but for the money he collects. -_-

Then we have Daisy. Let me laugh at your face first before I continue. HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA what kind of a retard thinks that when Mario says "OH! DAISY DAISY", thinks that he means it? Huehuehue. No. You're wrong on that one. Do you see this little thing here "~" yes I am talking about ~ Do you see it anywhere in that saying? No. Of course you don't. It means that lack of ~ does not mean that he/she is saying it in a teasing voice. Let's recap this one. Mario saves Daisy, says "OH! Daisy Daisy" (none of them have last names, so he said her last name is daisy or go figure), however the lack of ~ it basically says that he doesn't mean anything to her. He only saved her, nothing else. But what about the heart coming out of Daisy? Well, for those of you who assume that she loves the guy, don't assume that. You are wrong. It's called admiration. Admiring someone for something they did. It can get obsessive over time, so you can scratch that shit out of the list. Counter Opinion Name: Love is blind - Mario's true love is Peachie, the other bitches can go fuck themselves~

Number four. Mario being a douchebag to his own brother.

Oh God why.. Oh God WHY? WHY DO PEOPLE ASSUME HE'S A DOUCHEBAG? Of course people will assume that the way he treats his brother Luigi in a very shitty way. However, have you guys ever heard of "Sibling Rivalry"? It's the most COMMON THING AMONG FAMILY MEMBERS! Whether it's a brother/sister, brother/brother or sister/sister, God forbid if they were twins or triplets or anything, there will be sibling rivalry, no exceptions. Now, by my opinion, the younger sibling gets all of the attention from their peers, parents, etc, while the first born doesn't get shit. Hence it's called "sibling rivalry". Because the first one is jealous of the other one and how they live a great life being noticed. It happened to me when I was a kid, me and my sis would always argue, because I was always in the center of attention, everyone knows me even to this day, so yea.. The point of this whole thing is that Mario's revenge plot is to make his own brother suffer. Because poor Luigi is scared and he never meant to do any harm to Mario, but because of the whole attention, go figure. Counter Opinion Name: Sibling Rivalry - the most common thing among siblings. It breaks into fights and sometimes it's a "killer".

Number five. Mario as a drug addict..

*biting lip* Okay, I know how to counter attack this one, this one, is very. very. very simple. I MEAN VERY SIMPLE! There's a difference, between drugs and mushroom. The drugs are bad (I'm talking bout bad drugs, don't do them, they're gross as fuck), mushrooms, or better yet said, fungi, I am talking about the edible ones, contain positive nutrients and vitamins needed for the metabolism and the body to survive. Look it up. Now, the reason why I said that I can counter attack this one is because it's very simple. Now, with the appearance of the mushroom, you may think it's drugs right? Like how Popeye uses spinach to gain power, Mario uses mushrooms to gain power. And I am talking about the good ones~ *eyes* mh.. but anyways, to sum things up, the mushrooms are DEFINITELY the edible ones, and if they are.. looking how they are, imagine children eating carrots with a smiley face drawn with food coloring on it, kids would eat it. ladies and gentlemen, The Counter Opinion Name for this is: Fun with plants (fruits and veggies) - drawing smiley faces on fruits and vegetables to make kids eat veggies easy. :)

Number six.. um.. he's a greedy bastard?

Um.. do you guys even KNOW WHAT HAPPENS when he gets to a hundred points? He doesn't keep the coins, he gets one extra life. but imagine this scenario here. What if this whole time, he was collecting money for life insurance for his brother. Since he is older, he is likely to pass away first, so.. let's say that if he passes away, the inheritance will go to his brother.. no.. not princess peach or.. any other.. it goes to Luigi since there is this special rule about sibling life insurance. Got it? c: Counter Opinion Name: Life insurance - It's really hard, but you have to support your only family

and.. I guess I can input number 7 here, but.. brace yourselves guys, this WILL GET controversial.

Number seven.. Toads turned to stone..

Best.. logic.. EVER.. This.. is one of the most retarded logics of all time. They think that they can save the toads by winning the game, and NOT BREAKING BRICKS.. Because apparently, the bricks, stone etc, are Toads.. Oh jeez.. um.. *biting lower lip while making random sounds* alright.. I will.. say this.. once... hoping that it gets into your thick skulls.. Hopefully.. This.. will change your life forever, and will RUIN YOUR CHILDHOODS. brace yourselves guys.. because once I say this, there is no coming back..

Because gaming developers who make child games such as Mario, Mega Man, they tend to avoid the so called "D" word.. No, it's not a dick, it's not referred to a cock, you pervs, it's referred to something else.. and that.. is.. DEATH! Simple as that. But why avoid that word in a child's game? Because 3 years olds play the game, attempt to beat it, have fun, but once they read the description with the d word in it, well.. they'd be a bit scarred because of the fact that kids can be scared of death at the time.. it can grow into them and they can fear it to this day, as adults. Yes, because, death is inevitable and sadly.. it's true.. even immortals suffer. But anyways, back on topic.

Are toads actually dead after they got turned into stone? Pfft. DUH! THEY CAN'T MOVE YOU RETARDED BANANA! Let's take the example from the vampire movie.. Lestat I guess it was the name.. I forgot.. I remember watching it, it was really interesting, it was about a vampire who became a heavy metal singer.. and such.. there is this thing that.. if a vampire sucks out EVERY DROP OF BLOOD from their victim, they die, by turning into statues. Their fates are sealed forever after they suck out every bit of it. They can't move, they can't breathe, cannot even pass on to the other side.. nothing.. only bitter silence.. death is inevitable..

So, taking that example into this situation here, you'd definitely notice that the toads, who turned into bricks, are actually dead. They have been dead for a very long time, some short, some long.. but it all depends. This whole time, with Mario breaking the bricks, he had been setting the souls, who had been trapped in their stoned prison, are free to pass on. He had been doing them a favor by setting them free, by breaking the stone. Now do you guys get it? Or do I need to explain it again? Because I won't. This thing, with developers not mentioned the d word in kids' game... there are many reasons to it, but if I am the only one who thought that the toads were actually dead, well.. I guess I am the one with the right mind.. Counter Opinion Name: Death by turning into statues is canon//slapped Just kidding. Death is inevitable whether you are turned into stone or die a natural death, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE DEATH!

I could go on more, but.. 7 will be enough for now.. I hope.. but if there are more like.. how donkey kong used to be mario's pet.. Um.. you guys know that I avoid going to circus.. I hate abuse of animals, but I am not alongside PETA for various reasons. ._. tho.. I guess that donkey boy here was an asshole towards mario, he wouldn't listen so he had to teach him things.. even if it makes people laugh... but still, can't deny the fact that he was an asshole.. done and done..

I don't care if this thing becomes controversial, but still, to me.. mario is just.. mario.. that is all

July 22, 2014

totally not ded. XD

Hey guys, CreepyPastaAmateur here or Sawgirl2, how ever you want to call me, call me Amu. So, you are wondering, "Where the fuck did I go? Did I get fed up and left?" Nah, I didn't left for real, but let's say I made an unannounced hiatus, cuz.. idk.. I've been busy with art work and also some of the writings I have been doing for a while, plus, Cryptophobia blog was on the hiatus too due to the whole slenderman stabbing incident. now that it had calmed down, I can get back to work.. MY idiotic.. work..
so anyways, what's been happening? why hadn't you updated this blog? My sincere apologies for it, but I had been busy for the past few months, had a stressful season due to me trying to lose weight and all. ^^; heh but yolo. anyways I hadn't been uploading vids in A YEAR! on my sawgirl2 account on YT.. why? pfft.. because laptop is stoopid. and I barely have any access to my comp rarely but oh well, no I hadn't grown tired of making vids, just.. boredom I guess.. no, I am not questioning my logic, was basically trying to be a bit more creative and such.. so yea.. but don't worry, I didn't abandon my babies at all x3 just needed a break from walkthroughs and focus on writings and doing research on creepypastas.. catch ya on the flipside

April 29, 2014

Random Blog Entry number 1: Megan Meenes: An example of a true woman

Hey guys, CreepyPastaAmateur or Sawgirl2, how ever you want to call me, call me Amu. So, I know I haven't been posting anything in a while, but all in all, I was a bit busy.. Finding a job here in Serbia really is a hard work ya know. *laughs a bit* so anyways, today, in this random blog entry, I am going to talk about a woman, who was really mature enough to protect her boy who has down syndrome from, you guessed it, a troll.
You can find this sweet woman here.

This entry will be a bit short, so I will make it quick. I know the news is a bit old and all, but I just found out about it after MrAngryDog posted a journal with a link to the article.

This is the journal that led me to the article, thanks MrAngryDog.
I clicked on the article, and, truth be honest, I really wanted to cry.. I mean it, I am not lying... I really wanted to shed a tear, but because the door is still open, hang on. *goes to close the door* Ok good~.. Anyways, I basically try not to shed a tear in front of my parents, for it will show how weak I am.. but the feels.. Oh my God, the feels I got when I read the article.. it basically reminds me of myself when I stick up for my friends. What this woman did, is a true definition of being a woman. A woman, is not just basically losing virginity or such, a woman, is sticking up for your friends in need, the love and support you give to your family and friends, but more important is being there for them when needed.

This isn't a begging, or a saying or anything, but please, give the woman some support, and also to her child, who has Down Syndrome. Megan, if you are reading this, I support you in every way. This world needs a woman like you, caring and kind towards others, and who would defend their families in a, quote-unquote "Mature way possible". 

Now, this is the open letter she posted, along with the pictures of her son. I will remove it if needed, just tell me. But this is used as an example, not stealing or anything.. *laughs a bit*

Dear Troll,

"Since I started blogging about my son Quinn and his disability, I knew this day would come. There’s no shortage of trolls on the internet who hide behind the anonymity of a screen name with the intent to be cruel, and I’ve seen their hostility many times before. In fact, just last week, in the wake of a robbery at the Down Syndrome Association of Houston’s headquarters, in which $10,000 worth of technology was stolen, there was no shortage of ignorant comments on the news story reporting the incident. One user asked, “how will they learn to count to potato?” Another claimed that wasting computers on “retards” was stupid anyway and that the organization deserved to be robbed. These comments, while offensive, simply serve to showcase people’s hate-fueled ignorance and aren’t worth my time. I grimace when I read them, but realize there’s little to be done about such stupidity. 

I don't want to make assumptions about you, but I can guess from your immaturity and ignorance that you know little about the helplessness that parents feel when caring for a sick infant with respiratory issues. Quinn was sick last week, but was feeling much better by Friday. We decided to sit in the backyard and soak up the sun after school. There aren't many things in this world more beautiful than seeing your recently-ill child light up in a smile, and I snapped a few photos to celebrate his recovery, then posted them on Instagram with the hashtag “#downsyndrome.” I love to look through those photos myself in my spare time because damn if those kiddos aren’t adorable. Of course, you feel differently because you found this photo and left a comment with one simple word: 


The fact that you find my child ugly is one thing. You are entitled to your opinion. But the fact that you intentionally search #downsyndrome to find pictures to insult (sadly, Quinn is not the only victim of your behavior; I came across many other inflammatory responses) is both childish and sad. Your profile is also full of offensive posts and crude statements, all of which point to your own illiteracy. In one such photo, featuring two kids with Down syndrome and the word “wiitard,” you get bent out of shape because many, MANY people called you on you prejudice. You claim it was a joke and that people should lighten up. But what about purposefully seeking out pictures of our children? What about the fact that a beautiful photograph of my son was tarnished by your hatred? That’s not a joke. That’s cyberbullying. Needless to say, I reported your profile, which has been removed.

This will not be the last time someone discounts my son because he is different. It will not be last time someone makes a joke at his expense, but to actively seek out actual people to tease goes beyond cruel. It’s inhuman. 

I recognize that you want to see me get worked up about your little “joke.” I’ll be honest, it’s hard not to be angry about it, but I can’t allow myself to carry that weight on my shoulders. I can’t allow myself to feel anything but sorry for an individual with so little tact. Because in end, you will be the one to face the consequences of your choices someday. There are few people in this world who tolerate that kind of backwards thinking, and you’ll eventually mouth off to the wrong person. My guess is that you already have, which is why you hide behind a screen name like a coward.

God knows there were plenty of cruel adolescent boys in my time: boys who took pleasure in pranks and jokes at others’ expense. There were even a few of them that were directed at me, but it gave me tough skin and I grew from the experience of facing such mistreatment. Maybe that’s why I’m willing to let this one go; I know where most of those boys ended up and it’s nowhere I’d want to be. And as a teacher, I've seen kids like you crash and burn. Go outside. Read a book. Compliment someone. Most importantly, enlighten yourself; there's already enough cruelty in this world and anyone worth their salt should be striving to make this place better, not worse.

I simply hope my own children learn to look past ignorant comments and actions and treat others with respect and dignity. We all deserve it, even you.


A Proud Mama

A very proud mama indeed. 
Now, this blog isn't to insult anyone, but rather giving a good word about the woman. She already has so many supporters, since the open letter had gone viral. And this blog, is supporting her in every way I can (since this is a "one man blog"//slapped)
But seriously, like I said earlier, Megan, if you ever come up to this blog and see this, please note that I am not trolling, but supporting you till the end! I have a younger cousin, who has epilepsy at the age of 6... and I worry for her so, and.. I would really step up for her if she ever needed help. she's turning 11 soon, and I am still proud of being her cousin, even if she and her older sister can be a bit annoying, but you only live once, and it's an opportunity you can't miss out on.

Keep on multitasking, Proud Mama~


February 3, 2014

Ok, so... anyone knows some old games?

I may need help reviewing certain games, such as Chakan, Alien Soldier, etc.
so.... anyone interested, feel free to comment.. yes, I know it's short, but srsly.. I want to review Chakan so badly because it's really an old interesting game from the 90's

January 23, 2014

When a Gamer dreams: Zalgo s-something... idk... not Zalgo the Game, but much better than that~//brick'd

Dat feel when U dream of a game that doesn't even exist in real life. Heh. ^^; I know what you guys are thinking about. Basically the game's not real, but rather a dream game. I'll try to sum up the dreams, but it keeps getting blurry and shits. Like.. OMG.. That feel when u don't think about dreaming anything, but 5 seconds later, Zalgo appears. xD Dat feel.. It isn't the first time tho.. first time it was hearing his voice.. he sounded a bit demonic.. somewhere in between that kid from epic rap parodies who portrayed Zalgo.. Ok let's not mention that.. At all.. That guy owned others by default, because hey.. As he says, He is their king.. But overall, he's not the king of Username 666 that's for sure~ HAH HAH~!

Jokes aside, this is some serious matter, because the dream kept constantly repeating. It was all vivid tho..

Consider it as a... Creepy Non-Existent Game. I have a feel that the game will become reality and I DEFINITELY imagine Mullet Mike doing a review on it. ^^; Dem feels...

The story is basically like this. You are one of the sole survivors in the Post-Apocalyptic world. Yes, I know it's Exmortis 3 reference, but the event happened AFTER Zalgo destroyed the whole world all by his own. Because we all know Zalgo is unbeatable. No, he's not a gary-stu. He has his own weaknesses. We just don't know which they are~//shot

Now sorry to spoil the mood, but because it was my dream, I will use my character OC Kitty Friendly for this. Because... no, not raisins, nor muffins, nor cereals, or YOLO. But because the fact that my character appeared there AS A HUMAN BEING! Originally, Kitty (or better yet said Starna) is a non-breed Escargian (if u have any questions, feel free to ask me), but in the game, she couldn't use her inhuman abilities, so she had to rely on the 'martial arts' techniques (you call it psycho attacks, I call it martial arts). So, with scalpels equipped in hands, she ventures off into the wilderness of the abandoned city.. or is it.. It's basically filled with the remaining Z-Infected (better yet said, Zalgo-Infected), and there are so much of those suckers, u just don't know it. I never got to the end, so I will try my best to depict the happenings that occurred. In which will end up in being said 'spoiler alert'. I know the game doesn't exist, at all, but please don't hate me for spoilers.. ESPECIALLY THE EASTER EGGS.

Let me start.

1. The alley way. Basically an Easter Egg, in which you start in one of the alley ways (if the game was real, the alley way would be randomized, it may take some time to see the Easter Eggs (2 of em). The first Easter Egg is a man that resembles Arcanineryu's Sexual Offenderman, sitting down on the ground, you could probably hear him crying. I mean hey, we all want D's and Vag's, but come on. We all need breaks, as we all have limits. If U know what I mean. What happens in there is that the closer u approach him, Slender Man appears, hitting Offenderman with the tentacle. Just as it happened, "POOF" they disappeared in a mass of smoke. The second Easter Egg I saw was hiding behind a big ass dumpster. It appeared to be a plushie of an MLP character... It was pinkish, but didn't look like Pinkie Pie. I couldn't recall it. Idk..

2. A house. It's simple.. a house... filled with GOD DAMN Z-INFECTED!!!! They are really hard to kill with scalpels, but the only thing Kitty can do to them is slash their heads off with her scalpel. The Easter Egg there is her death. If the game was real, you'd choose the left door. She would get jumped by a few Z-Infected. They'd then use a syringe and insert the virus into her body.. No, she doesn't become one of them, but dies because her psychotic body can't tolerate the poison. Going to the right, you will get out of there and proceed forward...

Basically said, that's all I remember, because the alley way kept repeating over and over. ^^;

But at least I tried to explain it in a way. ^^; hehehehe

January 8, 2014

Top 10 weird things in

alright, I know I know.. I get it. Sawgirl, where has u been, and why haven't u been posting anything. Truth is, I had been busy drawing and writing stories, so I didn't have the time to write gaming reviews.. or narrate for that matter. so anyways, with the new year that has dawned upon us, I could say this: WELCOME TO THE FIRST TOP 10 OF 2014!
In this top 10, I will tell you the weirdest of the weird things in games. Note that it's all my opinion and all, and like I said, it's the internet after all.. things could be occurrences, poltergeist activities, etc. or anything slutty for that matter.. ahem.. or it could be appearances of characters that had been appearing in other games. I'll keep it short, so it would be interesting to read.

Number 10.

Onigawara a.k.a. that Ogre guy from Mad Father. You had already seen him appear in Mad father as Ogre, the sales merchant. Why is it weird? Because surely he has his clothes swapped, but does his owner know of his usage in the other game Misao? He/she does know. I just hope they cleared things out.. I hope.. >.>

Number 9.

The legend of the Mermaid from the Mermaid Swamp. "it's a legend where a man brought a mermaid from the shore, took her to his home and put her in his tank where she was forced to swim in swamp water... If it's not weird for you, it's weird for me, because when I played it the first time, I started to have second opinions on Mermaids. Like literally. Mermaid Swamp killed my childhood!! DX

Number 8.

NPC's spawning to the areas where you need to be from Zalgo: The Game...... IT HAPPENED TO ME ONCE! FUCKING ONCE! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I PLAY THAT GAME! EVER AGAIN! *coughs a bit* You know those bitches that can transform into hideous monsters if you come too close to them? Yea.. when I died and respawned back to the house, I noticed that the girl was right where the phone booth was. I had to literally shut the game off. Never.. again.. *staring at Zalgo* ........

Number 7.

Everything wrong with Earth Bound in 10 sentences or less. Just kidding. But still. The game itself is so weird, it's not for all the children. Imagine a child asking it's parent about the woman with underly exposed chest. No..Just no! But like I said, everything is wrong with the game. Especially Giygas. YOLO!

Number 6.

The Witch's House. Title says it all. The game is really weird itself.. full of hallucinations and weird shit. Mark, I salute you for not entering back to the room where u sacrificed the frog.. otherwise, you'd see the entrails.............. Ok, when I saw that, I wanted to throw up so badly, because I was shivering so much because of it.. that was one of the most weird occurrences. but why is it number 6? well.. even tho it's scary, it didn't make me vomit.

Number 5

Uboa from Yume Nikki. No comment.. absolutely no comment at all.. just.. *sigh* don't ask me, but because it's hard to get to uboa... just.... I still think Zalgo is scarier than you.. which reminds me

Number 4.

The Zalgo event from Yume 2kki (not Yume Nikki).. same as number 5.. no comment.. just.. I never expected someone would manage to re-create a Zalgo event. No.... just no... omg no... please kill me...

Number 3.

.....I just can't..
Mei: DO IT!
Ok ok!
My dear brother Jeffery. It's a new game. I saw Yami play it and OMG... WHERE'S THE SAVE BUTTON? D: Just.. no.. who ever made the game, please go to hell! hell's right there. where Mei's standing. The game DOES NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE ORIGINAL STORY! AT ALL! PLEASE GO TO HELL!

Number 2.

SCP Containment Breach. Why? Because I can. I literally have to use F3 just to cheat. The new edition (0.9) is making me think about life. Like literally. The new edition.. has a janitor.. that gets pulled into a pocket dimension by Larry without noticing you at all! Furthermore, the 035... IT HAS A TENDRIL! A TENDRIL GREW OUT OF THE REACH OF THE MASK AND SLAPPED ME ON THE CHEEK! God darn you!

Before I get to number 1, let me rephrase through once more.

10. Mad Father/Misao - Ogre/Onigawara
9. Mermaid Swamp - EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
8. Zalgo: The Game - NPC'S spawning on areas you need to go to
7. Earth Bound - same as Mermaid Swamp. EVERYTHING!
6. Witch's House - The whole house, especially the entrails room! God
5. Yume Nikki - Uboa
4. Yume 2kki (not the same as Yume Nikki) - Zalgo event- who even managed to make that kind of corruption? ZALGO!!!! *staring at him*
3. My Dear Brother Jeffery - HOLY FUCK I AM NOT GONNA GO THROUGH IT!
2. SCP Containment Breach - 106 and 035 suddenly being bad asses!

Number 1.

A Mother's Inferno - The last battle.. Beside the game being self explanatory (*hint hint* Zalgo the game *hint hint*) the last battle between.. a monster that looks like an overgrown mutated vagina. :/ but don't get me started on the guides. Before you enter down to the area, look to your right. D:
*Zalgo covers my eyes* Thank you Zalgo. I needed that.

So there you have it. If you have any suggestions on what top 10's should I do, please comment.

Bye bye~