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February 3, 2014

Ok, so... anyone knows some old games?

I may need help reviewing certain games, such as Chakan, Alien Soldier, etc.
so.... anyone interested, feel free to comment.. yes, I know it's short, but srsly.. I want to review Chakan so badly because it's really an old interesting game from the 90's

January 23, 2014

When a Gamer dreams: Zalgo s-something... idk... not Zalgo the Game, but much better than that~//brick'd

Dat feel when U dream of a game that doesn't even exist in real life. Heh. ^^; I know what you guys are thinking about. Basically the game's not real, but rather a dream game. I'll try to sum up the dreams, but it keeps getting blurry and shits. Like.. OMG.. That feel when u don't think about dreaming anything, but 5 seconds later, Zalgo appears. xD Dat feel.. It isn't the first time tho.. first time it was hearing his voice.. he sounded a bit demonic.. somewhere in between that kid from epic rap parodies who portrayed Zalgo.. Ok let's not mention that.. At all.. That guy owned others by default, because hey.. As he says, He is their king.. But overall, he's not the king of Username 666 that's for sure~ HAH HAH~!

Jokes aside, this is some serious matter, because the dream kept constantly repeating. It was all vivid tho..

Consider it as a... Creepy Non-Existent Game. I have a feel that the game will become reality and I DEFINITELY imagine Mullet Mike doing a review on it. ^^; Dem feels...

The story is basically like this. You are one of the sole survivors in the Post-Apocalyptic world. Yes, I know it's Exmortis 3 reference, but the event happened AFTER Zalgo destroyed the whole world all by his own. Because we all know Zalgo is unbeatable. No, he's not a gary-stu. He has his own weaknesses. We just don't know which they are~//shot

Now sorry to spoil the mood, but because it was my dream, I will use my character OC Kitty Friendly for this. Because... no, not raisins, nor muffins, nor cereals, or YOLO. But because the fact that my character appeared there AS A HUMAN BEING! Originally, Kitty (or better yet said Starna) is a non-breed Escargian (if u have any questions, feel free to ask me), but in the game, she couldn't use her inhuman abilities, so she had to rely on the 'martial arts' techniques (you call it psycho attacks, I call it martial arts). So, with scalpels equipped in hands, she ventures off into the wilderness of the abandoned city.. or is it.. It's basically filled with the remaining Z-Infected (better yet said, Zalgo-Infected), and there are so much of those suckers, u just don't know it. I never got to the end, so I will try my best to depict the happenings that occurred. In which will end up in being said 'spoiler alert'. I know the game doesn't exist, at all, but please don't hate me for spoilers.. ESPECIALLY THE EASTER EGGS.

Let me start.

1. The alley way. Basically an Easter Egg, in which you start in one of the alley ways (if the game was real, the alley way would be randomized, it may take some time to see the Easter Eggs (2 of em). The first Easter Egg is a man that resembles Arcanineryu's Sexual Offenderman, sitting down on the ground, you could probably hear him crying. I mean hey, we all want D's and Vag's, but come on. We all need breaks, as we all have limits. If U know what I mean. What happens in there is that the closer u approach him, Slender Man appears, hitting Offenderman with the tentacle. Just as it happened, "POOF" they disappeared in a mass of smoke. The second Easter Egg I saw was hiding behind a big ass dumpster. It appeared to be a plushie of an MLP character... It was pinkish, but didn't look like Pinkie Pie. I couldn't recall it. Idk..

2. A house. It's simple.. a house... filled with GOD DAMN Z-INFECTED!!!! They are really hard to kill with scalpels, but the only thing Kitty can do to them is slash their heads off with her scalpel. The Easter Egg there is her death. If the game was real, you'd choose the left door. She would get jumped by a few Z-Infected. They'd then use a syringe and insert the virus into her body.. No, she doesn't become one of them, but dies because her psychotic body can't tolerate the poison. Going to the right, you will get out of there and proceed forward...

Basically said, that's all I remember, because the alley way kept repeating over and over. ^^;

But at least I tried to explain it in a way. ^^; hehehehe

January 8, 2014

Top 10 weird things in

alright, I know I know.. I get it. Sawgirl, where has u been, and why haven't u been posting anything. Truth is, I had been busy drawing and writing stories, so I didn't have the time to write gaming reviews.. or narrate for that matter. so anyways, with the new year that has dawned upon us, I could say this: WELCOME TO THE FIRST TOP 10 OF 2014!
In this top 10, I will tell you the weirdest of the weird things in games. Note that it's all my opinion and all, and like I said, it's the internet after all.. things could be occurrences, poltergeist activities, etc. or anything slutty for that matter.. ahem.. or it could be appearances of characters that had been appearing in other games. I'll keep it short, so it would be interesting to read.

Number 10.

Onigawara a.k.a. that Ogre guy from Mad Father. You had already seen him appear in Mad father as Ogre, the sales merchant. Why is it weird? Because surely he has his clothes swapped, but does his owner know of his usage in the other game Misao? He/she does know. I just hope they cleared things out.. I hope.. >.>

Number 9.

The legend of the Mermaid from the Mermaid Swamp. "it's a legend where a man brought a mermaid from the shore, took her to his home and put her in his tank where she was forced to swim in swamp water... If it's not weird for you, it's weird for me, because when I played it the first time, I started to have second opinions on Mermaids. Like literally. Mermaid Swamp killed my childhood!! DX

Number 8.

NPC's spawning to the areas where you need to be from Zalgo: The Game...... IT HAPPENED TO ME ONCE! FUCKING ONCE! NEVER AGAIN SHALL I PLAY THAT GAME! EVER AGAIN! *coughs a bit* You know those bitches that can transform into hideous monsters if you come too close to them? Yea.. when I died and respawned back to the house, I noticed that the girl was right where the phone booth was. I had to literally shut the game off. Never.. again.. *staring at Zalgo* ........

Number 7.

Everything wrong with Earth Bound in 10 sentences or less. Just kidding. But still. The game itself is so weird, it's not for all the children. Imagine a child asking it's parent about the woman with underly exposed chest. No..Just no! But like I said, everything is wrong with the game. Especially Giygas. YOLO!

Number 6.

The Witch's House. Title says it all. The game is really weird itself.. full of hallucinations and weird shit. Mark, I salute you for not entering back to the room where u sacrificed the frog.. otherwise, you'd see the entrails.............. Ok, when I saw that, I wanted to throw up so badly, because I was shivering so much because of it.. that was one of the most weird occurrences. but why is it number 6? well.. even tho it's scary, it didn't make me vomit.

Number 5

Uboa from Yume Nikki. No comment.. absolutely no comment at all.. just.. *sigh* don't ask me, but because it's hard to get to uboa... just.... I still think Zalgo is scarier than you.. which reminds me

Number 4.

The Zalgo event from Yume 2kki (not Yume Nikki).. same as number 5.. no comment.. just.. I never expected someone would manage to re-create a Zalgo event. No.... just no... omg no... please kill me...

Number 3.

.....I just can't..
Mei: DO IT!
Ok ok!
My dear brother Jeffery. It's a new game. I saw Yami play it and OMG... WHERE'S THE SAVE BUTTON? D: Just.. no.. who ever made the game, please go to hell! hell's right there. where Mei's standing. The game DOES NOT CORRESPOND WITH THE ORIGINAL STORY! AT ALL! PLEASE GO TO HELL!

Number 2.

SCP Containment Breach. Why? Because I can. I literally have to use F3 just to cheat. The new edition (0.9) is making me think about life. Like literally. The new edition.. has a janitor.. that gets pulled into a pocket dimension by Larry without noticing you at all! Furthermore, the 035... IT HAS A TENDRIL! A TENDRIL GREW OUT OF THE REACH OF THE MASK AND SLAPPED ME ON THE CHEEK! God darn you!

Before I get to number 1, let me rephrase through once more.

10. Mad Father/Misao - Ogre/Onigawara
9. Mermaid Swamp - EVERYTHING ABOUT IT!
8. Zalgo: The Game - NPC'S spawning on areas you need to go to
7. Earth Bound - same as Mermaid Swamp. EVERYTHING!
6. Witch's House - The whole house, especially the entrails room! God
5. Yume Nikki - Uboa
4. Yume 2kki (not the same as Yume Nikki) - Zalgo event- who even managed to make that kind of corruption? ZALGO!!!! *staring at him*
3. My Dear Brother Jeffery - HOLY FUCK I AM NOT GONNA GO THROUGH IT!
2. SCP Containment Breach - 106 and 035 suddenly being bad asses!

Number 1.

A Mother's Inferno - The last battle.. Beside the game being self explanatory (*hint hint* Zalgo the game *hint hint*) the last battle between.. a monster that looks like an overgrown mutated vagina. :/ but don't get me started on the guides. Before you enter down to the area, look to your right. D:
*Zalgo covers my eyes* Thank you Zalgo. I needed that.

So there you have it. If you have any suggestions on what top 10's should I do, please comment.

Bye bye~

November 5, 2013


Alright, I know you will bother me a lot because I misplaced the 'guide's' name, but don't sew me okay? His name is Vincell not Vincent.. oh well.. Sue me.

Sam Saida is a Brazilian first person game made by the cult studios, where you play as Marcus (Marcos) who needs to deliver a letter? *didn't pay much attention when watching other gamers play it*
*shakes head* anyways, after strolling around for bit, you are met with... the guy that looks fucking Jeff the Killer, but has a weird stretching device on his mouth that forms a smile.... dem teeth.. they're so yellow. You may probably think.. what the hell is he? He's not God, nor the Devil, he's not a friend nor a enemy.. just a guide... a guide that wears a funny Halloween costume that resembles Jeff the Killer. I know.. I know.. it's stupid.. but still... does this face resembles Jeff the Killer? Or his brother Liu? For what ever reason, he is nothing.. He just stands there, or rather said, walks around in a circle in an attempt to scare the player, but to no success.

This is how he appears in the small cut scene after the protagonist meets him.. resembles anyone? 

Whether he resembles Jeff the Killer, White Face, or any other 'smiling characters', this one takes the cake! And I mean a lot of it! Vincell del Boris the 8th (Vincell del Boris VIII), is just an alter ego to this character. My theory is that, in game, there used to be a character by the same name, but had died of unknown causes. This entity, who has no name, takes the man's name, stating that he is that man who had died ages ago. Like he said it himself, he's no God, nor Devil, no friend nor enemy, but rather a guide.. that leads to death. I would rather say that he's the Death's pawn, the entity that works beside the Grim Reaper, serving as the guide to his lured victims, only to lead them to deathly affairs. There are certain things to this, but since this is a demo version of the game, I guess you could say that you will have to wait for the full game to come out. Until then, we are stuck with more questions, than answers. 

And my apologies if I'm not providing you with any walkthroughs or anything, but I had been busy, so instead of wasting my time writing them, I will be doing gaming reviews. The walkthroughs will be posted soon on my gaming channel, don't worry. But even I need to share my opinions on certain games. 

As I was saying about the game... The game is a literal troll. Beside jump scares and weird like messages on the walls, Sem Saida, is, and always will be, one of the weirdest games in the history. Not scary as Outlast or Amnesia, but rather weird than any other horror games such as Euthanasia. 

November 3, 2013

Zalgo: The Game - Bitches gunna scream YOLO because they don't know what to do!

I'm srs about the title gaiz.. Like.. I wonder if any American out there played this game.. beside Spanish people.. That game needs a sequel immediately///getting right into spoilers

*ahem* anyways.. what i'm talking about.. is the Spanish game titled Zalgo.. just Zalgo.. The game.. yes.. Zalgo, the king of creepy pastas, has his own game.. Yesh~! I played it so many times.. *still trying to beat it without losing more than 3 lives*//shot

What is to say for the game? mmmmmmmmmmm o3o well.. everything

The story itself is weird, since it is made by a Spanish developer, and also.. the translation is so wrong.. but don't mind that! Think of the game.

You're in a semi-apocalyptic world where Zalgo had corrupted everything and everyone. From moving dolls that react to light, to the mutant transforming douche bags, One cannot say how the game really is... AMAZING~!

The gameplay.. well.. alright.. but wait.. if there are dolls and douchebags.. where's Zalgo in here? he doesn't appear? is that you zalgo? *pointing at the baby* *gives it some milk* here you go wittwe one.. no one will twy to huwt you... don't wowwy.. *holding it in her arms* *zalgo looks at me with a confused look* what? oh come on! I'm a nurse trainer for crying out loud!

So basically said, the game trolls you like it's your mother.. it LITERALLY TELLS YOU where you need to go! Go to the mall.. Go back to your house. Get that gasoline canister! Do this! Do that! Yea.. the game is like a mother. ._. srsly.. too bossy!

Overall, it does contain a lot.. i mean a lot.. I MEAN A LOT OF JUMPSCARES! >:( *stares at zalgo* stop scaring me Zalgo.. I didn't do anything wrong to u! QAQ

Anyways, I am still awaiting for the second part of the game, as the first one.. didn't have zalgo in it.. come on second part. *waits patiently as she reviews sem saida* ... vincent.. back... back in there nao!

ILLUSION: Comes with a Ghost Killer///shot

hey guys, Sawgirl2 here.. i'm still alive, don't you fucking worry.. I just haven't been updating.. sorry.. been writing creepy pastas and shit.. so yea.. and drawing.. and being lazy- I mean.. cleaning around the house.. Hey, even I need to help my mom ya know.

So, for today's topic, we will talk about the second part of Illusion, entitled 'Ghost Killer'

It's basically the same as the original one, but different. I'll explain.

In this game, you have to place 6 cameras on added red circles without Jeff killing you. Or hurting you for that matter.. there is a tutorial video in which the player shows where Jeff spawns, courtesy of Scribbly Games.

Thanks to him, I managed to beat the game a few times, but I got hurt a bit.. sadly.. but oh well, life is like that.

So.... my review.. I'm drawing a blank.. because it's basically the same model, same plot.. except that you don't have batteries there, and you don't collect notes/boxes, and you're in a weird area, in which you don't know about. D:

But overall, it's a good game in my opinion, and can be played for those who 'yolo'.. lol

I know I know.. My jokes are corny, but who gives a shit? Not me//shotshotshot

So.. any tips? Try to stay alive.. oh, and the part with the boxes in one room.. I suggest you be careful.. Jump right into the table and then above jeff's head (if u can that is) and then YOLO away from him! Like a boss~!

This is really a short review//shot

October 2, 2013

Random Rants: Username 666 appearances in games (Sharing some ideas for a Username 666 game.. >3> )

Hey guys, Sawgirl2 here and welcome to Random Rants~
If you ask me what's the point of it all, I'll explain it.. It's where you rant about something that you noticed in games and out of the games, could be creepy pasta related, etc.

This is my first rant, which means it's my opinion. Ik how much u hate when others have other opinions and theories, but please show respect for it. To start the episode off, I'd like to talk about Username 666 first.

So, what is she? She's more of a legendary/mysterious You Tube channel that existed back in 2006, which after she got suspended in November of 2006, became a inspired video pasta 2 years later. The video pasta was made by none other by the Japanese artist Nana825763 (Nana is a boy if u ask me, so don't bother asking me at all).

Her appearance says everything.. Once you see the picture frame, you'd notice that 666 is a girl.. of course 666 is a girl (my opinion) what did you expect? Now try to imagine her in a humanized version. Of course, I draw her because she's like awesome and shit, but I don't get the reason why she's so.. unappreciated.. Surely there are others who draw 666 as either a boy.. with additions and shit, some write shitty pastas involving her, but by my opinion.. that is wrong.. What's the rant?

This is it.

By playing certain games such as 'i see you' and 'i can't escape', you get the feeling that she's there.. That she's watching you, stalking you.. I can go on forever, you know. She doesn't appear physically, but.. more like 'mentally'. So, I'll explain her appearances:

Appearances in 'I see you':
- Hallway of entrails

-From the beginning, you get the feel that she's there, SOMEWHERE.. but where exactly, you don't know. But once you get to the ending... this happens.. After your game 'crashes', you go about 4-5 times through the door. Notice the 'entrails' piling up on the floor. That's the first sign. The second sign.. The hallway of entrails. Since I see you is a pixelated game, you notice pixelated eyes and mouth on the walls. That means that the entrailed hallway can relate to 666's background layout in her video.. just no mouths. >3>
That is the only mental appearance that she makes through the whole game./

Appearances in "I can't Escape":
-Descending into the darkness (Molasses Mosses)

-That game is fucked up beyond belief. Surely it's fun to go through the hallways, trying to find a way back out, but it's also scary because once you start descending 'downstairs' after falling through 'mosses' that look alike the same background from username 666.. Yup.. I'm right.. are those entrails down there? What if I step on it? Will it make a squishy sound? WRONG! You descend one flood down.

-Descending into the darkness (Walls)

-The walls... THE GOD DAMN WALLS! WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK??! Ok.. whose ever idea was to put the same background from username 666 and alter it a bit, additional eyes included, they did a very well job in scaring the ever living out of me! Like literally.. every time I would think about that, I would get additional nightmare including 666 coming out from that wall! Jesus Chris dude! What the fuck?

Did I forgot to mention that she makes a mental appearance in the NES Godzilla Creepy Pasta? :3
Well, don't get me wrong, but in-quote: "I started one of the orange levels, and my eyes were assaulted with a grotesque background of tumorous orange eyes. The “sky” was the same as the ground, so I I assumed the game was indicating that this level takes place in a cave."
Tumorous 'orange' eyes.. not red.. but orange.. put alternate red in it: Username 666 mental appearance.
Yup. But why there? I has absolutely no idea.. -w-

The point of this rant was to tell you that even 666 needs more fame than just her 15 minutes of fame. That is just insulting and stupid.. I mean, have u ever wanted to see her in action? Like stalking you for the rest of the existence? Of course you did. So, this is a message to all of you. My wish is for Username 666 to have her own game. Hey, if slenderman, jeff the killer, ben and zalgo can have their own games, it would be fair for username 666 to have her own game as well.. beside the prank prototype that sucks balls! God.. that is one rude way to show appreciation for 666! >:(

As for the idea, it won't be the same as 666.exe that eddy made, but..a little different. My head keeps piling with weird like info that even I can't describe... So this is what I got so far..  probably will be the same as the Midnight man (gonna get nightmares from it), in which you must run and hide (outlast system), while trying to find a way to get her back into the computer.
Here's the idea for the intro:
"Curious 'insert name here' was looking for some creepy pasta stories to read. Once he/she found a story about Username 666, he/she got curious and tried it for itself. It worked, and brought hell upon themselves, by unleashing Username 666 out of her prison. The main objective to this story is to survive."

And this.. is where I make it hard.. Wanna know how? Remember when I said for you to imagine 666 humanized? :3 Yea.. that's where the placeholder comes in. As the placeholder comes out of the computer/laptop/ANYTHING, the first thing you'd notice about her is her looks. You won't be able to pay attention to survival due to her looks. She's somewhat depicted as a lustful demon due to her luscious body. Now that's what I call a body worth millions of dollars~ I'm serious about it.. That's why I wanted to make it hard. The zalgo game is not that hard, even if you lose 2-3 lives, but not due to the flying creature.. but the hallucinations that you encounter. Midnight man............ what do I do there?

I'll figure out more ideas for it, but the main objective is to collect pieces of a anti-virus disk. The hardest part would be returning back to your room.
So yea... don't judge me for having stupendous ideas.. I'm serious.. *stare*